Guided tours schools

Our cultural mediators guide you through the life, work and mindset of René Magritte. The largest Magritte collection in the world reveals all its secrets, completely tailored to the students.

Primary schools


Hats off, Mister Magritte!

Who are you, dear Mister Magritte? What tricks do you have up your sleeve to create such mystery? So you are what they call a Surrealist? Hats off, Mister Magritte!

90 min. / group of 15 max.


The workshop visit

Glue, paper, scissors! After discovering Magritte’s mysterious universe in the museum rooms, let’s apply his techniques in our own artist studio. Let’s use and abuse his tricks and imagine our own poetic ideas.

90 min. / group of 12 max.


Secondary and higher education


The discovery visit

Over time and through themes exploited by the artist, we discover the unusual universe of the Belgian surrealist poet-painter.

90 min. / group of 15 max.



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